How I Met Eric Chevalier.

I can’t think of any other reason besides God that I would have ever met Eric Chevalier. Bold, sappy statement, but I honestly believe it.

And I can’t think of any other explanation than God’s love works through human beings, to explain why three years ago a red-head named Greg would respond to an accidental LinkedIn request with the snarky subject line: ‘connect with no message?’

Or why he would spend his holiday season interrogating me about my social profiles and asking if I would like to get a cup of coffee to talk about working at BLITZ, an agency that was out of my league and out of my state.

All because: he was from a small town too.

I can’t give any other reason for why my now boss met with me for about 15 minutes before shrugging his shoulders and saying, “you seem like a good fit.” I was a conservative blonde from Utah whose experience was rooted in the schemes of black hat SEO and marketing. Nothing in my resume would have spoken to a square fitting into a round hole. Lucky for me, Italian New Yorker’s have big hearts and a better sense about these things.

I can’t attribute any other guess as to why I walked out of the interview and into an elevator timed perfectly to meet a buttoned-up John Liu with an immediate feeling that we were already friends and that I was about to become his life pupil. “Do you like it here?” I asked, terrified of the idea of moving. He opened his arms wide with a fantastic motion and said something about the weather that was so profound, simple, and comforting that I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with that being the only question I ever asked him. I had to come back. We had to be coworkers.

John Liu True Love Spin

And, I can’t think of any other way that I would end up walking into my first day of work to be greeted by two dimples and a pair of blue eyes that would become my soul mate and in the same sentence a wrecking ball of unpredictability. There couldn’t have been two more opposite human beings in this world. And two opposite human beings could never have fallen for each other in any other scenario than to be forced to sit next to each other for two years in sickness, in health, through farts, and ocean breezes, through arguments and office comradery till one day something changed.

Time and laughter exhausted us of our pride and we saw each other for what we really were:

a team,

a yin and a yang,

a fish that learned to fly,

a bird that learned to swim,

and two people who really love kissing in the ocean.

A miracle is a string of blessings that interconnect so flawlessly that an electric current of love and gratitude consumes your entire being. I feel so lucky and at the same time, I feel like luck had nothing to do with it. Love in its most divine, natural form did.

And when something like that gets down on one knee, you say yes.

Note: I realize this post is really cheesy, but I figured if there is any time to write really cheesy blog posts it’s now. We are so excited to be getting married. You can learn more about our wedding here.


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